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Are you looking for a method to safeguard your system from potential internet and offline threats? If your answer is yes, then you have to pay a free of cost visit to Norton is far more than just an antivirus because it has several features that not only defend against common viruses but also make sure no one makes unauthorized access to your system. 

There are people on the internet, commonly known as cyber attackers, who can capture your complete system remotely in no time. Norton’s internet protection system is far stronger and smarter than any modern cyber attacker. This means that nothing can harm your system and its data as long as you have Norton on your system.   

Norton product key: What is it?

The Norton product key comes inside the product package when you make an offline purchase. It is a set of random 25-characters that is used to activate the antivirus subscription. It is actually an alphanumeric code that you have to enter at any cost to renew or activate the product. 

Where Do I Find Norton Product Keys? 

In common, you will either find it on the installation CD or DVD printed like this: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. Nowadays, it is also written on the Norton retail card that comes inside the product packaging. In case you have bought the product online on or any other website, you will receive an email from Team Norton that also contains your Norton activation code. So all you need to do is check your inbox of the registered email address on Norton and then locate the email from Norton.  

How to Create a Norton Account?

Follow these steps and create your Norton account.

  1. Launch your preferred internet browser. 
  2. Locate the URL bar on the top and then insert the “” web address.
  3. Hit the Enter key on your keyboard to proceed further. 
  4. Go to the Sign-up link.
  5. Fill in all required fields that are mandatory to create a Norton account. 
  6. Go through the on the screen user agreement. 
  7. After that, hit the Agree button. 
  8. Follow the prompts to complete the process.

How to Access your Norton Account?

Follow these steps and access your Norton account.

  1. Open a new tab on your browser. 
  2. Pay a visit to
  3. Navigate to Sign In option. 
  4. Fill in the account email ID and passcode. 
  5. Hit the Log In button. 

How to Claim Your Norton Product Key

norton com setup

Follow these steps and access your Norton product key.

  1. Navigate to using a new tab on your internet browser. 
  2. Click on Enter a Product Key. 
  3. Log in to your existing Norton account that we taught you to create. 
  4. Then put in your 25-character long activation code provided by Norton.  
  5. Proceed with the onscreen prompts to continue. 
  6. Congrats, your Norton product key has been successfully claimed. 

How to Download & Install Norton Setup

norton setup

Follow these steps and get started with downloading and installing Norton setup.

  1. First and foremost, go to
  2. Put in your product key.
  3. Then sign in to your account. 
  4. Navigate to Get Started. 
  5. Go through the user license agreement. 
  6. Make your way to the Accept button. 
  7. Follow the prompts on your screen. 
  8. Go to Agree & Download link.
  9. Press on the Next option.
  10. Follow the further on-screen instructions and prompts to download the software installation package file. 
  11. Once the download starts, wait until it is fully downloaded. 
  12. Then double click the downloaded “.exe” file.  
  13. Accept the user agreement and click next. 
  14. Go with the recommended steps and follow the on-screen prompts. 
  15. Wait until the installation program bar reaches 100 %.
  16. Close the installation wizard and reboot the device. 

How to Activate Norton Subscription

Follow these steps and activate your Norton setup.

  1. First and foremost, perform Windows + D with your keyboard. 
  2. Then double-click the Norton icon to open it. 
  3. Go to My Norton. 
  4. Press on the Activate Now button. 
  5. Put in the Product key. 
  6. Follow the prompts on your screen to activate the software. 
  7. To renew, go to Help in the Norton window.
  8. Then head to Account Information. 
  9. Choose the Product key option. 
  10. Provide your Norton product key. 
  11. Head to Next.   
  12. Follow the guidelines on your screen. 
  13. Your Norton subscription has been successfully activated.